"Putting Guidelines Into Action"

Over 300,000 Patients Tested at 120+ Hospitals in 15 Countries
Join the growing network of National & InternationalHeart Health Program providers focused on the early detection of coronary artery disease among asymptomatic, yet "at risk" patients.

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There is a widespread knowledge gap that prevents medical providers from making appropriate referrals for the early detection of CAD.

This results in too many patients’ heart disease going undetected. For 50% of patients, the very first symptom of CAD is myocardial infarction or death.

The Heart Health Program uses a guideline and evidence based approach for referring patients for the detection of asymptomatic CAD and strengthening the Preventive Cardiology, Imaging, and Cardiovascular Services units at our member sites across the globe. 

Dr. Neil Green
Fredericksburg, VA
Margaret Patteson
Hospital Administrator
Bakersfield, CA
Dr. Ferruccio De Lorenzo
London, England
"Coronary calcium scoring was only a minor part of our imaging volume until we learned about the National Heart Health Program. With Dr. Fine's supervision and guidance, our program is now thriving and we have many dramatic stories of lives saved through early detection."
"Being connected to the National Heart Health Program has had a direct impact on our cardiovascular services and the community we serve. We have literally saved lives and better assessed patients for cardiovascular disease with calcium scoring.
I would highly recommend the National Heart Health Program!"
"Dr. Fine's experience implementing evidence-based prevention programs and knowledge of the guidelines and scientific advances in the field of cardiovascular imaging have led me to value and trust his clinical judgement."